Rumor: iPhone next gen specs, on-sale date July 17

The previously unheralded Apple iPhone Apps blog has a rumor post up regarding the next generation iPhone hardware, suggesting that July 17th is the expected date for the new phone to be on shelves (reasonably well aligned with an announcement at WWDC). As 9to5Mac and Gadget Lab note, most of the covered ground is familiar -- better camera, storage bump, magnetometer& turn-by-turn, video recording -- but there are a few interesting tidbits, including the suggestion of an OLED screen, an illuminated backside logo (perhaps capable of doubling as a photo flash?), the integration of Google Street View with the compass for 'visual intelligence' as in the Android demo, and a built-in FM transmitter. I'm not sure that an FM transmitter as an onboard capability is such a great idea, considering the percentage of car stereos nowadays that include either an iPod dock connector or an aux-in jack, but maybe it's plausible. Everything else seems to pass the sniff test, although OLED and a lit back panel are an odd combination. If we do see the new device in mid-July, how many of you are checking your contract expirations right now to see if you can pick one up? Mmm-hmm, thought so.